Loyalty Points Scheme

Scheme Information
For every £1 that you spend with Somerford Mini Ltd, shopping online, (excluding VAT) we will reward you £0.01p.
To enter the Scheme
Create an online account with Somerford Mini Ltd and begin shopping & earning reward points. In line with GDPR regulation, all personal and payment information will remain confidential, you can keep track of your points in your customer account.
How Do I Redeem?
Customers can redeem loyalty points during the Checkout process. This can be found under the Discounts and Coupons section
Example below: -

"You have 155 Bonus Points (£1.55)
Please enter amount which you'd like to pay"

Bonus points will need to be used prior to the 01/01 annually as these will automotically be cleared, therefore please ensure points are redeemed before this time.