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paris biarritz rally 2019 winning
Oct 13, 2019

The Paris-Biarritz Rally 2019

Somerford Mini would like to congratulate Tristan Beard and his partner, Sophia Lingham in successfully competing in this years' Paris-Biarritz Rally! Not only did they enter this historical rally, but also came away with the Best Period Dress Award... fantastic news! Tristan contacted us with his… Read More
2A6214 sm
Jul 28, 2016

MK1 Austin Horn Push

NEW PRODUCT! Now available from Somerford mini. We have had these remade to the original specification. The centre badge is embossed at the back and then painted and sealed giving the 3D effect missing on many reproduction parts. COMPLETE HORN PUSH ASSEMBLYOrder as: 2A6214 £46.80 each Inc VAT Buy… Read More
Jul 28, 2016

Mini Sunroof Seal GLZ506A

NEW PRODUCT! This is the seal that fits between the glass and the frame. It has been made in the UK to the original Rover specification. It fits Tudor Webasto roofs fitted to Cooper RSP and other Model. It was also used on other Rover and Landrover vehicles. Order as: GLZ506A £22.00 each Inc VAT… Read More
May 11, 2015

MK1/2 Heater Control Knob

NEW PRODUCT! Somerford Mini have just had these remade!This is the plastic knob that pushes onto the end of the control lever. It is virtually impossible not to break it when dismantling the heater hence the need for a new one!! Order as: 24A151 £3.52 each Inc VAT Buy Now Read More
Oct 20, 2014

Top Dash Rail Ashtray

Stop those annoying rattles by replacing your old, worn ashtray with this nice new one. Another new product from Somerford Mini! Order as: YGA4694 £19.20 inc vat Buy Now Read More
Mark 1 Range
Jul 14, 2014

NEW Range of 'REC' Watches

Somerford Mini are pleased to announce the arrival of REC Watches. These watches are recycled from Classic Minis and are available in 2 distinct ranges... the 'MARK I' and the 'COOPER'. Each range has 5 watches to choose from, each one handpicked for their unique look and sold with the choice of 2… Read More
Jun 05, 2014

Brake Push Rod Gaiter 1988 onwards

In our never ending quest to keep your cars on the road, Somerford Mini have reintroduced this part. It fits on the end of the push rod that connects the brake pedal to the brake master cylinder on all cars with an integal servo (1988 onwards). Order as: NAM8567 £2.95 + vat £3.54 Buy Now Read More
WA002 001
Mar 19, 2014

W&P Style Wheel Arches

Somerford Mini have been selling these arches for many years and they are known all over the world to be the best available. They are made from fibreglass with a high quality gel-coat finish. This ensures that no painting is required. They fix from underneath and come complete with arch to body… Read More
CAJJ3316 001
Mar 19, 2014

Group 2 wheel arches

15 years ago Somerford Mini commissioned Bill Wood who worked for the famous Stewart and Arden Company to make the moulds for our Group 2 arches. We gave him an original Leyland Special Tuning set and asked him to improve on the quality and fit (if you have ever seen the originals, you will realise… Read More
GWW940 003
Mar 19, 2014

Screen wash bottle ’88-‘91

This bottle is the strange shaped, squashed item that is wedged onto the inner wing, beside the servo. Now unavailable from Rover Somerford Mini have remanufactured it to the original specification. It is also considerably cheaper than the last Rover price! Order as: GWW940 £30.00 inc vat Buy Now Read More
Dec 08, 2013

Original Technical Publications DVD Rom

Introducing the most comprehensive collection of original factory information available by vehicle model ever to be released to the public! Compiled on one easy-to-use DVD Rom for fast, accurate referencing. It covers ALL models and derivatives for '59 to the end of production, including: Cooper… Read More
Dec 08, 2013

Early Radiator Cowlings

Another long awaited part has just been re-made! These new cowlings will replace the old battered and rusty items that we see on many minis in our workshop. They were fitted to all models from '59 to '74 and came in two different types: Standard models and Copper/'S'. They are powder coated and… Read More
Dec 08, 2013

MK1 Rear Screen Rubber

This product has not been available for many years. Instead the only option was to cut down the later, larger rubber. Somerford Mini have now produced a one piece item for all MK1 Mini saloons. Order as: 14A8744 £14.40 inc vat Buy Now Read More
Bilstein Shock Absorbers
Oct 09, 2013

Bilstein Shock Absorbers

Somerford Mini are pleased to announce the arrival of Bilstein gas shocks. Bilstein are one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers in the industry and their products are original equipment on many new cars. We stock two different types: standard road use and performance road use. They are… Read More

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