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REC Watches was founded in 2011 by wristwatchent husiasts Christian Mygh and Jonathan Kamstrup and is a modern Danish time piece company with value s firmly rooted in both the past and the present. Based in the heart of Copenhagen, much of our inspiration is found in the old everyday objects found all around us, which we all recognize but rarely truly appreciate.

The inherent conviction that almost any old out- of- use object has a story to tell, and that if you care to appreciate it can both inspire and mystify us, led to the founding of REC Watches.

To this day we believe that a watch can, and perhaps even should, be more than just a time keeper or stylish accessory. Instead, we strive to make every REC Watch unique, stylish, sustainable, and not least affordable.

REC Concept
The REC concept is simple: Recover, Recycle, Reclaim. Brought about by the inherent belief that a watch can and should distinguish itself by more then just a brand name or intricate complications, we strive to inject each and every REC Watch with visible uniqueness, a sense of sustainability, and a heartwarming or fascinating story to tell.

In practice, this means that we identify, recover and recycle old and out-of-use objects, and reclaim these as part of brand new timepieces. We handpick these objects based on both the values and the captivating individual stories that they represent. We invite you to the REC universe, and hope that you will share our passion for quality timepieces, heartwarming stories, and unique watch design.

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