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If you are faced with repairing a severely corroded or accident damaged Mini, opting instead for a new British Motor Heritage bodyshell would be a wise move indeed. A new bodyshell compares very favourably in cost against a heavy rebuild of your old bodyshell, and at the end of the job provides the degree of build integrity that old, repaired bodies simply cannot match. Nowhere is this statement more relevant than when the subject is the Mini Clubman bodyshell. Because the extra space in the engine bay allowed the fitment of more extreme power plants, Mini Clubmans were always (still are) favourite candidates for custom and high performance special builds. A taut, fatigue-free new bodyshell allows for safer enjoyment of uprated power, suspension and braking packages.

British Motor Heritage Mini bodyshells are supplied in two conditions of build: Body Complete Assembly, fitted with doors, bonnet and boot lid, or Body Less Doors, which as the name suggests are supplied less the ‘closure’ panels and associated hinges. The panels , pressed in the original equipment dies, are then assembled by original processes on the jigs and fixtures used by Rover Group and its predecessors. The completed bodyshells are usually electrophoretically coated, seam sealed and then primed with water-bourne paint to the latest industry standards, ready for your colour coat application.

Occasionally, for manufacturing reasons, BMH may vary the finishing specifications; please contact us before placing your bodyshell order to establish whether there are any changes that you should be aware of. Because of the many detail changes made on an annual - if not more frequent, sometimes - basis while the Mini was in production, it is strongly advised that you carry out ‘dry run’ test fitments of as many parts as you can prior to top coat painting the bodyshell. By doing this, you can make any adjustments that are necessary to the bodyshell without the frustration of damaging new paintwork. Also ensure that all captive and weld nut threads on the bodyshell are cleared of paint after the top coat has been applied - in fact, mak e it the first job before starting to fit out the bodyshell. This will avoid the other great frustrations of sheared screws and captive nuts that have broken free when too much force has been used to get the screw threads to cut through the paint! Clearing the threads can be easily achieved with a set of imperial UNF threadform taps (plus a couple of metric ones for latermodels), but do go gently otherwise the tap will strip the thread you’re trying to clear. The following are the specifications of bodyshell available at time of writing.

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