KAD Alloy Front Swivel Hubs
  • KAD Alloy Front Swivel HubsCast in L169 aluminium alloy, CNC machined
  • High strength alloy material with good ductility
  • 25% weight saving per side over standard hubs
  • Suited to light fast road use, rallying, sprinting, hill-climbing and heavy circuit use
  • Retains standard Mini swivel hub geometry and is supplied complete with swivel ball joints, bearings and steering arm studs
HUB9230 Alloy front swivel hub assemblies, pair Buy Now
Front Lower Arms & Tie Rods

Front Lower Arms & Tie RodsLower Arms & Heavy Duty Bushes

  • 1.5° fixed negative camber lower arms
    or adjustable camber lower arms, both
    using correct forged profile for strength
  • Spherical jointed adjustable lower arms usually for competition use
  • Heavy duty sleeved rubber ‘top hat’ profile lower arm bushes also available for superb performance with std. or modified geometry
CAJJ3364 Lower arms, fixed 1.5° negative camber, pair Buy Now
CAJJ3360 Lower arms, adjustable negative camber, pair Buy Now
CAJJ3363 Lower arms, adjustable, spherical jointed, pair Buy Now
21A1882HD Bush kit, heavy duty sleeved rubber (set of 4) Buy Now

Adjustable Front Tie Rods & Heavy Duty BushesAdjustable Front Tie Rods & Heavy Duty Bushes

  • Adjustable tie rods for setting up
    castor and camber angles correctly
  • Heavy duty (5/8” dia.) adjustable tie
    rods for fast road/competition use
  • Spherical jointed adjustable tie rods usually for competition use
  • Heavy duty rubber tie rod bushes available - for all applications
21A1091 Tie rods, adjustable, heavy duty, pair Buy Now
CAJJ3365 Tie rods, adjustable, spherical jointed, pair Buy Now
CSTR629 Bush kit, heavy duty rubber (set of 4) Buy Now
KAD Adjustable Tie Rods

KAD Adjustable Tie Rods

  • Ultimate spherical jointed tie rods for hard competition use
  • Feature billet steel brackets at both ends for fail-safe strength
  • Light manganese moly steel rods threaded right and left hand for quick and precise camber adjustment without removal from car
1012265 KAD insitu adjustable tie rods, pair Buy Now
Rear Camber Brackets
  • Rear Camber BracketsFor fast road and competition use
  • Allow full adjustment of radius arm camber and toe in/out on rear suspension to align it correctly with modified front suspension geometry
ARB002 Adjustable rear camber/track brackets, pair Buy Now
KAD Rear Camber Brackets
  • KAD Rear Camber BracketsSuper strong adjustable camber brackets
    with lock nuts, CNC machined for accuracy - guaranteed unbreakable in normal use
  • Adjustable for both camber and toe in/out - serrated plates positively lock the camber adjustment (each graduation = 0.5°)
1012260 KAD adjustable rear camber/track brackets, pair Buy Now


KAD Alloy Radius Arms

KAD Alloy Radius Arms

  • Essential for any serious Mini weight saving programme
  • Alloy chosen combines stiffness and necessary degree of elongation
  • Tough enough for most arduous competition use without breakage
  • Direct replacement for standard steel arms, supplied in pairs
  • Supplied ready to fit with stub axles and swivel pins installed
  • 3/8” stub axle pins fitted as standard - optional arms with 1/2” increased shear strength pins are for rear coil over conversions
1012250A Alloy radius arms, with 3/8” stub axle pins, pair Buy Now
1012250B Alloy radius arms, with 1/2” stub axle pins, pair Buy Now
KAD Alloy Rear Hubs
  • KAD Alloy Rear HubsWeigh just half amount of standard rear hubs
  • Accept 1984 on type tapered wheel bearings
  • Supplied as pair with wheel studs fitted
1012270 KAD alloy rear hubs, pair Buy Now
Competition Bump Stop Kits
  • Competition Bump Stop KitsDeveloped by Special Tuning to reduce pitching motion under hard acceleration and braking on Hydrolastic 1960s Mini saloons
  • Easily adapt to fit cone suspension cars where the progressive type bump stops are an improvement from the standard items
CAJJ4007 Competition bump stop kit, front (upper photo) Buy Now
CAJJ3313 Competition bump stop kit, rear (lower photo) Buy Now
Uprated Subframe Mountings

Uprated Subframe Mountings

Front Subframe Solid Mounting Conversion

  • Solid mountings to replace rubber originals on 1976 onwards cars
  • Makes secure location for subframe, stopping movement and flex experienced with original rubber mounts and markedly improving handling for fast road or competition use
  • Solid front ‘teardrops’ also prevent persistant mounting breakage
  • Creates more cabin noise - not really suitable for normal road use
ATSM001 Top solid mountings (tower), set of 4 Buy Now
SM001 Front panel solid mountings (teardrops), pair Buy Now
SM002 Rear solid mountings (toeboard), pair Buy Now

Rear Subframe Heavy Duty Mounting Bushes

Rear Subframe Heavy Duty Mounting Bushes

  • Heavy duty rubber bushes for improved location and longevity
  • For pre-1976 cars, fit two kits of small bushes; for 1976 onwards cars, fit one kit of small and one kit of large bushes
CSTR638 Heavy duty rubber bush kit, small size (set of 4) Buy Now
CSTR639 Heavy duty rubber bush kit, large size (set of 2) Buy Now